Click Here to Listen:  Earth to Heaven (Description of music below).

IMG_2557a My LORD,

   Here I am.  See me and know me.  My mind, heart and soul are focused and consumed by so many earthly things that do not satisfy.  My focus does not give life and life is what I need.  Forgive me and transform me.   I release my grip and let go.  I lift my gaze again to heaven.  What does it mean, LORD, that as I walk this earth I walk as a citizen of heaven?  A most mysterious gift.  Let heaven be my focus today.  I need a Savior.  Come, LORD Jesus, Come.  I seek you.  You will find a welcome place in my heart, a place only you can fill.  You alone have the power to bring everything under your control.  Be LORD of all my heart.  Into every concern, into every thought and every unsettled place, I welcome you.   I let go.  Transform my earthly focus again and again so that I may know the radiance of heaven so that your glory shine through me even as you transform every aspect of my life.  Come, LORD Jesus, Come.   Based on Philippians 3:19-21

Musical Meditation:  After an introductory phrase, “Here I am” 4 times, then 3 longer cycles of ‘focus on earthly things’ or ‘earthly angst’ released and focus shifting to heaven represented by notes in the higher register.  Then at 5:20, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come” 3 times followed by “Come, Lord Jesus” 3 times; ending with peace in His presence.  My prayer is that you find release from your own earthly focus and know your citizenship in heaven.     By Amanda W. Ragland  



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