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bigstockphoto_Young_Love_216862 (533x800)Premarital Counseling

God has created marriage to bring much satisfaction and pleasure.  The relationship is intended to bring healing and fulfillment to both people.   It is intended as a basic building block of the Body of Christ where the fruits of the Spirit are manifest and multiplied.  The love known in a marriage comes from God, and God intends this love to grow and expand to overflowing so that it is the environment to raise a family and to bless others.  Unfortunately, we live in a county with a divorce rate of 70%.    The marriage relationship can also be the greatest source of pain and destruction.   At The Vine, we believe that preparing to enter the covenant of marriage is of utmost importance.    Are there pitfalls that can be avoided?  Can couples gain from being able to name their strengths and put them in the service of their weaknesses?   Are there faith resources that can be utilized to strengthen our marital bonds?  We believe the answer is yes, YES, YES!  Since we feel inspired in this area and because we are equipped with credentials in the area of marriage and family therapy, The Vine offers our “Premarital Counseling Program”.    


Target Audience:

Couples referred by clergy or self-referred who want to prepare for a healthy marriage. 

Program content: 

Referral into the “Premarital Counseling Program” can come from the pastor who is officiating the wedding ceremony or the couple can initiate the program on their own.   The couple will meet with a Vine therapist 4 to 6 times.  The Vine suggests that the premarital counseling begin 6 months before the wedding.  That time can be negotiated to accommodate shorter engagements.  The Vine uses the PREPARE AND ENRICH assessment tool to aide in premarital counseling. 

In the first session, the therapist will get to know the couple by hearing the couple’s story and hearing the couple’s report of relationship strengths and growth areas.  After this initial session of introductions and the therapist hearing the couple’s story, the therapist will have the couple complete the PREPARE AND ENRICH questionnaire. 

In the second session, the couple will learn the results of the assessment.   The couple will learn strength and growth areas, communications patterns and skills, personality differences, conflict resolution as needed, family of origin issues that may affect marriage and establishing goals.  The remaining sessions will The Vine therapist will be devoted to the areas of growth illuminated in the process.  Care and attention will also be directed towards the couple’s spiritual life as foundation for a healthy, thriving marriage.   Since conflict resolution is so key to a successful marriage, couples who show need in this area can participate in our “Marriage Intervention” program which will equip couples with the needed skills. 

Program Cost:

The Vine is blessed with an initial fund with which to support this ministry.  This service will be free to members of supporting churches of The Vine as long as these funds last.  Beyond that, the sessions will be offered at $50 each.  There is a scoring cost for the PREPARE AND ENRICH test of $35.    

Report to Officiating Pastor:

At the end of the premarital counseling, the therapist at The Vine will write a summary report to the pastor who is officiating the wedding.  This one page report will include a summary statement of the results of the PREPARE AND ENRICH assessment as well as a summary of the topics addressed with the couple as a result of the assessment outcomes.  

Follow Up: 

The Vine’s hope is that the relationship established between the therapist and the couple will provide an additional support for the couple as their marriage evolves.  The Vine would be available to follow up with the couple at any point.   The couple may seek counseling sooner rather than later with the existing connection. 

To Get Started:

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Marriage Intervention Program

The single most prevalent threat to a marriage as God intends it to be is the inability to resolve conflict.   This inability can be present before the couple marries, or it can evolve as the initial romance begins to subside.  Unresolved conflicts collect, and bad emotional habits and patterned arguments can develop.  Because we are human beings, all marriages need to safeguard this most precious gift of the covenantal marriage with sound skills for dealing with and resolving conflict.   Towards this end, The Vine offers the “Marriage Intervention Program”.


Target Audience:

Any couple, premarital or already married, who desires to learn skills for conflict resolution and other effective building blocks of effective Christian marriage.   

Program Content:

The Vine uses the CPREP materials for the “Marriage Intervention Program”.  CPREP, Christian Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program, is an educational program designed to address the dimensions of relationships that research and theory have linked to effective marital functioning.   The content of CPREP is based on thirty years of research sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health.   The course will be taught with purchased curriculum.  Couples will work independently with assignments and video clips and have eight sessions with The Vine therapist who will serve as guide and coach.    “Topics include communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, sensuality, problem-solving, and emotional supportiveness” (CPREP materials).   Couples will “learn how to replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening,  recognize the spiritual basis of marriage and use the practice of faith to keep their marriage strong, explore sharing fun and satisfying intimate needs by working as a team to nurture and support each other, engage in regular prayer to bring God’s presence into the relationship, recognizing and communicating issues and expectations, including planning for the future” (CPREP materials). 


The program will be free to members of supporting churches of The Vine as long as initial funding lasts.  Beyond that, the cost will be $50 a session.  Curriculum will have be purchased by each couple.

To Get Started:

 call The Vine 256-270-7399


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Marriage Check Up

 Who can argue that a well-lived marriage is one of the most precious gifts that can be received in this life time?  God gives all good things.  How can we be good stewards of our most important relationship?  Do you wonder if your marriage is sound?   The Vine’s “Marriage Check Up” is intended to be a two session consultation that will give you information about the health of your marriage.  After an initial introductory session with The Vine therapist, the couple will complete several assessment scales including scales from marriage expert, John Gotman author of “Why Marriages Succeed and Fail and How to Make Yours Last” and a scale developed by Amanda and Jack Ragland of The Vine that looks at the spiritual aspects of the relationship.   Couples will be given feedback about healthy aspects of their relationship as well as areas where growth might be needed.   They will be given information about how each member of the Trinity can bring well-being to the marital covenant.   


Target Audience:

All who are married, from one year to over 50 years, who seek to be a good steward of the gift God has given.


Free to supporting churches of The Vine as long as an initial funding lasts, and $50 a session after that.   2 Christian PREP couple’s manuals will need to be purchased at $10 each. 

To get started: Schedule your “Marriage Check Up” now: 

 Call The Vine 256-270-7399