Lord, I call to You.  Please, help me.  My heart is torn, ripped and broken.  I am betrayed again.  I feel raw.  I despair. I am afraid, and my spirit is faint.  The hurt might consume me.  I cannot speak.


Caregiver’s prayer:

Precious LORD, Prince of Peace – I lift this child of yours into the light of your love.   Please LORD, let her know your hand on her chest and on her back over her heart; let her melt into your presence as you are very near.  Hold her as she collapses into your arms that can truly save.   In your mighty power, send from her, as far as the east is to the west, any evil or destructive force that would cause further harm.  May the warmth of your love melt any obstacle or hardness that would hinder your Spirit from permeating this wound.  Cover the raw and torn place with the very healing balm of Gilead.  LORD, our Redeemer, our Savior, wrap her damaged broken heart with bindings, delivered with your loving hands so that her heart comes back to the shape you intend.  Let your bindings cover her wound as the balm permeates and your Spirit restores.  Let your promises flood her soul.  I pray that this time of healing you have begun in her may be set aside as a sacred season where she knows your presence as a small child knows a loving father.  Hold her on your lap, and let her marvel in your patience.  I praise you that you, O LORD, stay with us, that you see us through our seasons again and again.  Believing and standing firm in your promises, I claim by faith for her the glorious day when you will remove the bindings to find her heart restored, her soul mounting up on wings like eagles souring in your love.  How majestic in your name in all the earth.  Let it be so.  Amen. 




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