click here to listen: 01-A Healing-Lullaby

LORD, my Savior, the One with the power to heal
LORD, my GOD  –  a heart is broken.   
O Most Beautiful One on high, can you hear my plea?   Are you there? 
Please be the arms that will hold me in safety so I can allow the deep sadness that flows from the hurt.
Heal me, LORD.   Heal me. 
So drawn am I to your love, and yet afraid.  I am as a small child.  
Be the hand on the back of my head as a loving protecting father that will comfort and ease my pain.
Things have happened, LORD, that never should have happened.  
I am stirred to anger.  I marvel that You are able to receive me in my brokenness. 
Just let me be in your presence.
From on high, may a beam of Your light descend to light up this darkness.
I surrender all my worries to Your care.   I release, and I rest. 
Transform me.   Heal me.  Again, I surrender.  Work in me as I sleep.
Let me anticipate with joy the newness of your tender mercies that will come with the morning sun. 
Again, I let go.   Again, I surrender.   ……… Let it be so, my LORD, let is be so.      

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