“Thaw”  Click to Listen

by Amanda Ragland

After a snow, when all is covered and lays still, there is an ethereal peace that pulls your soul to a new place with a new longing.  Peace…….peace……..peace….   to an awareness of God and all that is good.  It is a wide open space to ponder, to settle deep within.  Life at such a hectic pace pulls us away from that center, and we live somewhere out on the edge of ourselves moving from one task to another.  We need to be brought back to that place where we just adore, where the peace and the awareness melts us deep within so that our hearts can flow in adoration and praise of the love and mercy of the LORD.  ………I praise you, LORD Jesus. ……. I love you.  ……….I praise you.  ……….I love you. ……….. I praise you.   ……….I love you.  My prayer for you is that “Thaw” will be a meditation that will allow your own settling deep within, as it did for me the first time I played it, so that your heart will flow and your voice will join with mine at the end:  I praise you.  I love you.  I praise you.  I love you.  I praise you.  My LORD, my God, my Savior.  I praise you. 

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